CS 1.6 server boost

With the help of Counter-strike 1.6 boost server buy, you will be able to advertise and publish your Counter-strike server at a low price. It is an advertising service used by server owners to increase the traffic on their server in Counter-strike.

In counter-strike, a player has to first find a server before they can set foot on a game map and defuse the bomb before the timer stops. A long list of servers is available in the game, and they are ranked based on the number of active players. Each server is set on a different map, and the owner of the server can change the rules such as the mode, time, maximum number of players, minimum number of players, etc.

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Master-Server unique visits

When a server owner opts for Counter-strike 1.6 boost server buy, potential counter-strike players view advertisements of the server. Based on how much money you decide to pay to the advertisers, the ad about your server will be published on the spot on the website so players can learn about it.

As the name suggests, boosting is a service that targets counter-strike servers to greatly increase their traffic. More traffic means more players, and the server will become popular. The first thing in counter-strike is a server, and everything else comes later. As they refresh the list of available servers, servers with more traffic will appear at the top of the list.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost Server – Advantages

For server owners, making their server the most popular server in Counter-Strike is their dream, and this dream come true through boosting server service. No matter how hard you try, you can’t achieve the same amount of traffic on your server without help from third-party boosting service providers. Although you still have to follow a few simple, step most of the work and grinding are handled by professionals while you sit back and watch the number of players increase on your server.

The whole process starts with you finding a boosting services provider. After this, the process is pretty simple as you have to register on the website and select the desired package from the available options. For better results, you have to avoid some actions, which are given below.

Things to avoid for Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost Server Buy

If you have paid the amount of the CS 1.6 server boost to buy and are ready to experience an instant hike in the number of players, you will have to keep in mind these things and avoid them as far as possible.

  • Minimum or no new files on the server
  • No plugins such as “Country Kicker”
  • Maximize the ping of players with the help of the “high ping kicker” plugin
  • Don’t edit and modify any game files using plugins
  • Keep small maps for servers with a few players
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